“Absolute Cinema”: Movie Night at Theosophy Hall

“Absolute Cinema”: Movie Night

March, 2018:  The Secret Life of Plants
February, 2018:  Theosophy Extracted: Consciousness in Science
January, 2018:  The Physician
December, 2017: The River/ La Fleuve
November, 2017: The Physician
October, 2017: The Serpent and the Rainbow
September, 2017:  Phenomenon
August, 2017:  The Wizard of Oz
July, 2017:  Theosophy Animated: “Futurama Night”
June, 2017: Baraka
May, 2017:  Lucy
April, 2017:  August Rush
March, 2017:  “The Illustration of Unity and the powers latent in the Monad”: a collage of insightful videos
February, 2017:  What Dreams May Come
January, 2017: Crash
December, 2016: Eyes Wide Shut
November, 2016: Brazil
October, 2016: The Sixth Sense